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Dear Loyal Chrome In Motion Customers,

In an effort to better serve our valuable customers, Chrome In Motion is converting its service platform to a full service concierge experience . Complimentary pick-up and drop-off is available to and from any customer’s home, office, or other specified location within the greater Atlanta area*. This will enhance our client experience and increase convenience by allowing you to remain at work or home while service is being rendered (no more waiting rooms and hours of “muzak” on your busy afternoons).

Because Chrome In Motion specializes in such a wide variety of services, it has been determined through client feedback that our customers are best served through our concierge service. If preferred, by appointment only customers may still bring their vehicles to one of our several area locations-each specializing in their own area of customization.

Chrome in Motion will continue to provide Atlanta’s TOP quality customizing services and repairs to all of our local and nationwide customers. We sincerely appreciate your continued business and are honored to provide our clients with greater convenience in the future with our concierge services.

For any additional questions or for a quote please contact Kyle Roedler at   


*pick-up and drop off available within 50 miles of downtown Atlanta

FREE Pick Up & Drop Off
For All Customers on All Service
Complimentary Detail 
With any service purchase

Additional Details...

- Pick & Drop off times available between 9AM and 10PM,  7 days a week 

- ONLY Licensed and Insured drivers will be involved in transports

- Flatbed service available if necessary ($100 per trip)

- Any home or business location qualifies for concierge services

- Concierge services offered for all customers, every time, at no charge

- All vehicles will be returned FULLY detailed as a "thank you"  


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