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PAINT JOBS Pearl Paint

Pearl Color Enhancement 

Pearl enhancement can be sprayed on any existing paint job to create a custom paint effect, or they can be added in addition to you new paint job. The actual pearl particles match the color being sprayed and reflect color in the sun as well as the color in the paint. With this thought in mind, anyone can make an ordinary paint job into a pearl paint job. Instead of doing a base-coat clear-coat paint job, we add the pearl paint into the middle of the mix. Base-coat, pearl paint, clear-coat.

Ghost Pearl Paint is also a unique look to add to your vehicle. This option is simply an iridecent, clear partical that has no specific color, but directly reflects any light being shined onto the vehicle. Below are some example of the differences...As always contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

Pearl Paint Enhancers
Ghost Pearl

Here are some options to match your pearl colors with your specific paint color...

White base coat:Use any of the ghost pearls, but keep in mind that the red ghost pearl will give you a irridescent pink look in the sun. Blue, violet, orange, gold and silver are the most popular colors for white base coats. 

Black base coat:You also may use any of the ghost pearls, but keep in mind that using too much will make the project take on the color of the pearl and overwhelm the black. To get a cool midnight color change effect, keep the ratio of pearl down to about a teaspoon per quart in the clear base or binder. In powder coating, keep the ratio down to a tablespoon per pound and add onto that as needed.Red, 

Burgandy, or Orange base coat: We highly recommend any of our Gold ghost pearls, including the shimmer gold or the satin gold. Also, Blue pearl red pearl, and violet pearls can make for great effects over the darker shades of red. 

Blue base coats: For very light blues (like cornflower blue), we have seen excellent results using gold ghost pearl, but for a cool color shift on any shades of blue, a violet ghost pearl will give you a cool purple color shift in the sun. Silver ghost pearl paint can also give a nice subtle effect to the darker blues. Green can give an awsome pearl effect over most blue bases as well.Yellow base coat: We highly recommend that you try using green ghost pearl for the lemony yellows, and gold ghost pearl for the darker racing yellows. 

Green base coat: Gold ghost pearl looks great on green base coats. We have also seen good results with orange and red ghost pearls.Pink base coat: Believe it or not, you will find that silver ghost pearl looks awesome over pink, as does the red ghost pearl. 

Purple base coat: Try our Red Ghost Pearl, Green Ghost Pearl, or Silver Ghost pearl.

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